Sports Performance Training:
The sports performance training is for athletes that are looking to compete at a higher level. You will focus on becoming a better athlete as well as becoming more mentally focused and stronger. Charles knows what it takes to win at the highest level and he will pass his knowledge and experiences on to you to help you go higher.

Personal Training:
Our personal trainers are highly qualified trainers that have gone through extensive training with Charles Austin. They are very knowledgeable, motivating and effective. We take pride in working with our clients and our goal is to help you to exceed your sport and/or fitness related goals.


Sprint(Monday), Agility(Wednesday) & Plyometrics(Friday)Training:
The sprint, agility and plyometrics training is set up where you will come in three days a week and each of those days you will work solely on one of the above. Mondays you will working on running technique and speed, Wednesdays you will work on coordination, body control and awareness and agility, and Fridays you will work on jumping technique and explosive power.  This training program is set up for individuals looking to work together in a group setting at a more affordable cost.

So High Fit Camp:
So High Fit Camp is a 4-week program consisting of everything from cardio, weight training, abdominal and back strength training, flexibility routines and more. Nobody will be left behind or pushed beyond their capability. By dedicating yourself to the program, you will notice dramatic improvement in your overall health in a short period of time.


So High Sports & Fitness

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