Our Team Introducing our highly skilled coaches

Coaching is about more than just taking you through the motions, a good coach is highly skilled at technique, the ability to give cues, programing, motivation, and able to handle any situation. A great coach can take all of those things and motivate an athlete to become the highest expression of their strength, power, performance and health. Our coaches aren’t just good, they’re great and they create great athletes.

Charles Austin Owner / Trainer

Charles Austin has achieved a level of success of which most people can only dream. ¬†From 1990 to…

Nathalie Austin Owner

Nathalie Austin is part owner of So High Sports and Fitness. ¬†After implementing So High Sports a…

Terrell Mercer Trainer

Terrell Mercer joined So High Sports and Fitness as a Performance Specialist in March 2008, after…


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